Don Omar, Jackie Guerrido Clash? Ex-Husband Abruptly Cancels Interview With Univision Host [VIDEO]

Don Omar, Ivy Queen, Jackie Guerrido
Jackie Guerrido waited two hours to interview Don Omar and Ivy Queen, when publicist informed it was canceled. Photo: Screenshot/Youtube/Univision

The singer Ivy Queen returns with a new single, and this time next to Don Omar. Both artists spent the Easter weekend promoting the song "Ámame o Mátame" (Love Me or Kill Me), which marks the continuation of Ivy's musical career after giving birth to her little daughter.

During a visit to the studio of the renowned radio host Alex Sensation in Mami, where the new theme was presented, both reggaeton singers told about the title of the musical theme. "It's a badly wedded marriage, sweet and sour," joked Ivy Queen. "We overcome love, like all successful couples," added Don Omar laughingly.

Moments before the interview began, the "Primer Impacto" journalist, Jackie Guerrido, met with both artists, with the intention of supposedly conducting an interview for Univision.

After the surprise reunion, Guerrido and her ex-husband clash their hands and had a short conversation. "Are you okay?" Asked Don Omar. "Of course, waiting for you guys," Guerrido replies while giving a kiss to Puerto Rican reggaetonera Ivy Queen.

According to Guerrido's version, the journalistic team had already coordinated the interview, but Don Omar would have received a text message, in which the content is unknown, which would have caused him a displeasure.

After two hours of waiting, the publicist of Don Omar, without further explanation, tells Guerrido that the interview will not take place.

After Guerrido explained what happened, she extended the invitation to both exponents of urban music, to be able to carry out a future interview.

Jackie Guerrido and Don Omar divorced in 2013 after a long separation process. The couple were married for three years.


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