San Juan, Sep 18 (EFE) -- Puerto Rican raggaeton star Don Omar has been released from custody after stumping up bail on six criminal charges, including domestic violence following his arrest on Wednesday.

Omar must also wear an electronic ankle monitor so police can keep track of his whereabouts. Judge Jessica Morales set bail at $600,000 which his lawyers, Jorge Gorden and Edwin Prado, complained was excessive.

"A deposit of $600,000? That's bail for murder," Prado said as he left the court where Omar's mother, Toñita Rivera, his brother, Luis, and talent agent, Raphy Pina, were also present.

Omar, 36, was charged with domestic violence, maltreatment, threatening, illegal possession of a firearm and aiming the weapon at his ex-girlfriend, Rebeca Lopez, 26.

"The charges against Don Omar are based on two incidents which took place between August and September this year. In August, he pointed a firearm at her, and in September there was verbal psychological abuse and also by text messages," prosecutor Mibari Rivera said.

Omar was taken into custody at his San Juan residence after Lopez called the police to report domestic violence.

Reporters were waiting for him as he entering the jail following his arrest, but he declined comment. According to press photographers, Omar was applauded by prisoners as he entered the cell block.

Sources told Efe that Lopez was a dancer who has worked with the singer in the past and was also in a relationship with the raggaeton's then-choreographer, Mario VI. EFE