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Is this April Fools joke over already? Donald Trump running for president is not funny anymore! Reuters

April 1st is known as April Fools Day and there's no bigger joke in American politics than Donald Trump running for the presidential nomination for the Republican party. Ever since he announced his candidacy, nobody took him seriously. We all thought that he was going to give up and he just wanted attention to help out his business and get his name out there. Week after week the front-runner of the Republican part makes these crazy statements and instead of deterring voters, he seems to gain them and becomes more and more powerful. Are we all in on this joke? Is Donald Trump filming an episode of Punk'd where he is "punking" the whole world? Could it be that on April Fools Day Trump will announce that he quits the campaign and tell us that he was just kidding? Or is it that we all fell asleep and having woken up from this nightmare?

1. Nobody Thinks All Mexicans Are Killers And Rapists: Trump said this at the time he announced his candidacy causing a major impact. He put the spotlight on a group for no reason. This was only fueled after an immigrant murdered someone in San Francisco and Donald said he was proven right, but how many other violent crimes have other citizens committed? He had no basis to do this and we believe that Americans in general don't believe this statement, not to be politically correct, but because it's plain false.

2. How Is He Going To Make Mexico Pay For The Wall?: This is also something Trump has said since the beginning, he was going to make our Mexican neighbors pay for the wall built to separate the two countries. Former Mexican president Vicente Fox, said they wouldn't. But really Donald? This is just a joke, right? How can you possible do this? The irony is that it was dug up that he has some of his clothing line manufactured in Mexico. Which leads us to another joke...

3. Bringing Jobs Back: Yes, we all want jobs to return to the US, those that are being outsourced, but what a joke on Trump as a lot of his products are manufactured outside of the US. For an advocate about losing out on deals to China and Mexico, it's kind of hypocritical that he doesn't lead by example. It's ok when he does it, but it's not ok when everybody else does it. We don't like your sense of humor Mr. Trump.

4. Heidi Cruz Retweet: The wives of the Republican candidates were the center of topic when a Super PAC against Trump tweeted a photo of Melania Trump from her modeling days. The group questioned America if they wanted someone like her as First Lady as the picture was extremely risqué. Trump retaliated by retweeting an unfavorable picture of Heidi Cruz, as Donald believed that Super PAC was supporting Ted Cruz. We can't believe that Donald shielded himself by saying that he was not the one that created the meme and using the excuse of "he [Cruz] started first," when Anderson Cooper questioned him. No respectable President and leader of a country says that, right? This is all just a horrible joke.

5. Nobody Wants To Incite Violence, Right? What president wants to have their supporters fight other people? At one of Trump's events he said he would pay for the legal fees to violent supporters. What? What is this? Another joke, we guess.

6. Punishing Women For Abortion: Trump's latest controversy was on his stance on women's right to abortion. He said that women should be punished if they undergo that procedure, only to retract his comments when he realized even anti-abortion groups were calling him out. How can he blame a woman for such a thing. We are sure that if a woman decided to have an abortion, it's not a decision she would take lightly, especially if there are other factors that are weighing in for such a decision. Can our future president say one thing one minute and another thing the next? The first comment was when he was pressed during a town hall and his retraction came in as a press release. What will happen if Trump has to make a difficult decision on the fly that can't be reversed?

We are sure Trump is just playing with all of us and testing our patience. Can this nightmare be over soon? Why isn't our alarm clock going off already to wake us all up? We are keeping our fingers cross hoping Donald Trump will hold a rally and scream out... APRIL FOOLS!!!!

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