Donald Trump Vs Vicente Fox
The Republican presidential candidate wants an apology from the former Mexican president. Reuters/Univision

The Republican debate was extremely heated tonight as the candidates faced each other one last time before Super Tuesday. Donald Trump faced attacks by Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz who shot back at him for not saying anything of substance about health care and foreign policy. One of the key points that was raised tonight was immigration. When the topic came up, the cited the former Mexican President Vicente Fox who made comments about Trump wanting the Mexicans to pay for the wall between the two countries. Fox said: "I am not going to pay for this f***ing wall."

During the debate Trump recalled Fox's remarks and said he needed to apologize for using such a disgusting word. "I will [make them pay]," he said during the debate. "And the wall just got ten feet taller." The Republican front-runner also took to Twitter to share his opinion: "FMR Pres of Mexico, Vicente Fox horribly used the F word when discussing the wall. He must apologize! If I did that there would be uproar!" Did Mr. Trump forget all of the crazy things he has said in the past months? Has he ever apologized for any of the gross terms he has used? The hipocrisy at its finest from the former "Celebrity Apprentice" host.

In the "Al Punto" interview set to air this Sunday on Univision, the former Mexican President also made some bold statements about Donald Trump. "He is a loud-mouth, arrogant, ignorant who has no idea what it is to sit in the chair of the U.S. presidency," he told Jorge Ramos. "To follow a false prophet like Donald Trump, to follow him into the dessert without knowing where he's going, is very dangerous."

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