Ashley Waxman Bakshi is one of the most famous Israeli vloggers. She teaches women around the world how to do makeup in successful beauty tutorials over YouTube.

In her social media accounts, Waxman announced that she would be making a live broadcast to answer questions to her followers. What she never informed was the fact she would do it while she was driving.

After 8:00 minutes, Ashley turns to see her cellphone and immediately the transmission was abruptly interrupted, with a noise and a scream in the background in what appeared to be an accident.

Users right away sent her messages asking what was going on. The video and the news of the supposed crash went viral all over the networks and thousands saw the retransmission.

Shortly after, Ashley appeared before the camera to communicate to her followers that it was a video acted as part of an awareness campaign not to look at the cell phone while driving.

The production was prepared by Or Yarok BBR Saatchi & Saatchi associations in Tel Aviv; the same was seen by thousands of people and caused a big impact.