‘Downton Abbey’ Season 4 Episode 6 Spoilers: How Does Lady Edith Handle Pregnancy News? [VIDEO]

Downton Abbey: Season 4 Episode 6
Lady Edith has some shocking news that will shock 'Downton Abbey' if word gets out. How will she handle it? PBS

"Downton Abbey" continues its exciting Season 4 with Episode 6 this Sunday, February 8 on PBS starting at 9pm/8c. Alfred gets a place on the Ritz cooking course when a winner drops out and leaves Downton. Carson is not keen for Molesley to replace him, even when he begs for his job back; Mrs. Hughes softens his heart and Molesley is re-hired. Edith is worried that there is still no news of Gregson and is told by her doctor that she is pregnant. Bates and Anna go out for a meal at a posh hotel where they are given a hard time by a snooty hostess. Cora is there too and ensures that they are admitted.

Isobel finds the item the Dowager Countess thought her gardener had stolen down the side of a chair; she is ready to berate her some more, but is deflated when the Dowager reveals that she has already apologized to the young man and re-hired him. Rose arranges for the band from the jazz club to play for Robert's birthday. Carson is scandalized to see Jack, the black singer, but later calms down. Lord Grantham and the family are also surprised to varying degrees, but deal with it with their customary good manners. After the party, Mary sees Rose and Jack kissing in the servants' quarters. WATCH a preview of Episode 6 down below!

Previously Tom regretted his alliance with Edna, who claimed she could be pregnant and wanted to force him to marry her. He asked for help from Mrs. Hughes, who discovered Edna used contraception and wanted her to be silent. Her plot foiled and Edna left. Lady Rose accompanied Mary and Tom to London where they stayed with Lady Rosamund, who had sneakily invited Lord Gillingham to join them. They went to a jazz club, where Rose danced with a black singer, to the discomfort of the others. Anna felt she was no longer worthy of Bates and avoided him which confused him. She moved back to the house from their cottage. Lady Rosamund discovered that Edith had been out at night with Gregson. Lord Gillingham followed Mary back from London and asked her to marry him: she refused, saying she was not over Matthew.

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