You may know Tom Welling as Clark Kent from “Smallville,” but in his latest film, he is ditching the cape for some football pads. And fans are loving the new gear. Welling stars alongside Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner in the comedy-drama “Draft Day.” The film centers on the NFL and specifically Costner’s character, Sonny Weaver Jr., the general manager of the Cleveland Browns, who is determined to make momentous changes on the day of the NFL Draft. Welling’s character, Brian Drew, is one of the characters set to be affected by the decisions of the infamous “Draft Day.” Drew is the Browns’ veteran quarterback, who suffered a season-ending knee injury the previous year and has spent the off-season rigorously training to get back in shape for the forthcoming NFL season. Tensions immediately arise when Weaver begins to consider the possibility of drafting a hotshot rookie QB to replace him. Welling sat down with Latin Times to discuss his latest film, the realities of being an NFL player, what it was like to work with Kevin Costner and even dished on his favorite Latino food!

LT: How did you get involved with “Draft Day"?

Tom Wellington: I was asked to come in and read for the character [Brian Drew] about 11 days before filming started, and then the next day I got the role. So I had about 10 days to prepare for the role and fly out to Cleveland [where “Draft Day” was filmed.]

LT: What was your experience in Cleveland like?

TW: I spent a couple days at the Cleveland Browns training camp, which was cool, I spoke to the team, and tried to get an understanding of what the lifestyle actually is in the NFL. The Cleveland Brows didn’t necessarily teach me how to play football, because “Draft Day” isn’t really about the game of football, but it was a learning experience. It was a really enlightening experience, being a player in the NFL comes with a lot of travel, it’s sort of a gypsy lifestyle, and it takes a toll on these guys, and their families.

LT: It sounds like the film worked very closely with the Cleveland Browns, was “Draft Day” filmed at the Browns facilities?

TW: We did, we shot a lot of it at the actual Browns training camp, and then within the FirstEnergy Stadium, the official Cleveland Browns arena.

LT: Was that a surreal moment?

TW: It was pretty cool to have access like that and to be down on the field with the players during training camp, it gave me a totally different perspective. I knew that the players were going to big, but I never realized how fast they are. Then I threw some passes with the Browns quarterbacks, and I thought I threw the football well, but then I watched them and it was a whole different world.

LT: What is your favorite scene in “Draft Day” that features your character Brain Drew?

TW: My favorite scene that I was a part of was a scene with Kevin Costner’s character, Sonny Weaver Jr. Weaver is Cleveland’s general manager and has the opportunity of a lifetime to rebuild the entire Browns team when he trades for the number one pick. But with the fate of many NFL players in his hands, Weaver’s decision isn’t as easy as it seems. Tom explained that his character was one of the NFL players in jeopardy of experiencing a life altering trade.  My character is sort of pleading his case not to be traded from the Browns, and he sets him straight. That was my favorite scene with Brain Drew, and when I first saw “Draft Day” in a screening I was shocked. I knew the film was going to be good, but I was shocked because it was really good, I just felt wowed by how well it comes together.

LT: Now that you have been a part of this film will you be watching the 2014 NFL Draft Day?

TW: You know what, I probably will. I would check it out because I have a greater appreciation for the stakes these players are up against. The NFL draft really changes their lives one way or another, and I think it’s pretty cool.

LT: What is your favorite Latino food?

TW: There is a place in Miami and it’s close to South Beach, it’s this little Cuban dinner. It could be David’s Café, but they have amazing Black Bean Soup with like a pounded Chicken. And it is so good. Even though Tom wasn’t sure if his favorite Black Bean Soup was from David’s Café, Latin Times did some “serious” investigation research and checked the menu. We can’t confirm if it’s the same soup, but David’s does offer Sopa de Frijoles Negros so maybe the mystery is solved!

“Draft Day” opens in theaters nationwide Friday.