The “Dragon Ball” franchise is one of the most commercially successful media franchises of all time, thanks to the popularity of its various adaptations, such as the “Dragon Ball Super” manga and anime series. Given its huge fan base, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that there’s still more money to be made from the franchise by coming up with a new “Dragon Ball” spinoff or two.

And that just might be the case, according to Sean Schemmel, who is the voice actor of the character Goku in “Dragon Ball Z” and “Dragon Ball Super.” In fact, there might be more than one spinoff on the way, says the actor in an interview by ComicBook during Comic-Con 2019.

Schemmel revealed that a “Dragon Ball” spinoff is indeed coming as they’ve been discussing the topic among themselves. “I can answer that tangentially, because we have those discussions as well,” the voice actor said. “I think that part of the focus and goal of the people who make Dragon Ball, they want it to be a worldwide dominating brand.”

As explained by the actor, the only way to dominate is to have a very large and interesting “Dragon Ball” universe, which can only be achieved by coming up with spinoffs and sequels so each character can be developed to their full potential.

“And I think in order to be a worldwide dominating brand with a world creation, you need to have a very large universe, a very rich universe, with a lot of characters and a lot of story,” Schemmel explained. “And ‘Dragon Ball’ has all those elements.”

Interestingly, Schemmel already hinted that some of the well-known characters of the franchise might even get their own show. Among the characters mentioned were Yamcha, Jaco and Bulma.

“As far as new spinoffs and stuff, Chris [Sabat] was talking about he wanted that manga about Yamcha where he gets resurrected and he knows what's going to happen in ‘Dragon Ball’ but it’s all told from Yamcha’s perspective — I’d love to see that in an anime,” Schemmel said. “Jaco's [the Galactic Patrolman] got his own arc, and Bulma could definitely have her own show — her own talk show with a glass of wine (laughs).”

Thanks to the success of its various anime, manga and game titles, “Dragon Ball” is the 15th highest-grossing media franchise in the world. Since its introduction in 1984, the franchise raked in a total of $24.3 billion in revenues until now. But with the spinoffs on their way, that figure is only bound to get bigger in the years to come.

Dragon Ball Super "Dragon Ball Super" new manga arc teased to be "super fanservicy." Dragon Ball Super/Facebook