Jlo and Drake's new romance has been exposed on a new video where the two share several kisses and dace cozily together! Getty Images

Ever since the news circulated of Drake and Jennifer Lopez becoming a hot new item, social media has been buzzing. The pairing came as a shock as we all watched the relationship between the two stars unfold before our eyes. But now, it looks like these two may really be the real deal.

After countless Instagram photos of flirting hit many people wondered if Drake and JLo were just doing this for publicity or they are really trying things out as a couple. We recently reported that Rihanna unfollowed both stars as the news surfaced, proving the relationship rumors to have some amount of truth to it.

Since the intial sweet messages the OVO rapper posted via social media to the star, the two have been on couples watch! The two the seemingly admitted their relationship by posting a photo on their Instagram pages of the two being cozy. From then, Dralo was born.

Fast forward to a few hours ago, video surfaced of the new couple attending a birthday party with one another. In the video you can see the two stars dancing it up and kissing one another like they are the only people in the room.

While Drake has displayed PDA in the past with Rihanna, many fans are still on the fence of whether or not this pairing is the real deal or all for JLo's new music that will soon be released. Either way it goes, this couple continues to keep social media buzzing and Twitter has been having a field day. Here are some of the most funniest reactions to Dralo!

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