We celebrate Easter with these lovely sayings commemorating the resurrection of Jesus. Shutterstock/ Sofiaworld

Easter Sunday falls on March 27 this year and the holiday celebrates the resurrection of Christ three days after his death. Easter also marks the end of Lent, a time to reflect on the sacrifices Jesus Christ made while honoring his life, passing, burial and resurrection. The week prior to Easter Sunday is called Holy Week, which includes several other important Christian holidays, including: Maundy Thursday (honoring Jesus’ last supper with his disciples), Good Friday (the day of his crucifixion) and Holy Saturday (commemorates the time between the crucifixion and resurrection). Celebrate Easter with us with these inspirational quotes.

1. "The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what my circumstances." -- Robert Flatt

2. "To a Christian, Easter Sunday means everything, when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ." -- Bernhard Langer

3. "Easter says you can put truth in a grave, but it won't stay there." -- Clarence W. Hall

4. "The great gift of Easter is hope - Christian hope which makes us have that confidence in God, in his ultimate triumph, and in his goodness and love, which nothing can shake." -- Basil Hume

5. "It is the hour to rend thy chains, The blossom time of souls." -- Katherine Lee Bates

6. "Easter is very important to me, it's a second change." -- Reba McEntire

7. "The joyful news that He is risen does not change the contemporary world. Still before us lie work, discipline, sacrifice. But the fact of Easter gives us the spiritual power to do the work, accept the discipline, and make the sacrifice." -- Henry Knox Sherrill

8. "Here is the amazing thing about Easter; the Resurrection Sunday for Christians is this, that Christ in the dying moments on the cross gives us the greatest illustration of forgiveness possible." -- T.D. Jakes

9. "Easter is the demonstration of God that life is essentially spiritual and timeless." -- Charles M. Crowe

10. "Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life." -- Janine di Giovanni

11. "Let every man and woman count himself immortal. Let him catch the revelation of Jesus in his resurrection. Let him say not merely, "Christ is risen," but "I shall rise." -- Phillips Brooks

12. "Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song." -- Pope John Paul II

13. "On Easter Day the veil between time and eternity thins to gossamer." -- Douglas Horton

14. "Let the whole world join the happy lay, Let the hills and vales break forth in singing, Christ, the Lord of Life, is ris'n today." -- Lizzie Akers

15. "Those have a short Lent, who owe money to be paid at Easter." -- Benjamin Franklin

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