President of Ecuador Guillermo Lasso said on Tuesday, Dec. 21, that he will run for re-election in 2025 in an effort to carry out social and economic measures that, in his opinion, have benefited the people of the South American nation, Rio Times reported.

President Lasso claims that he has increased public investment and assisted in the restoration of jobs after recently being able to reach a financial agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

After meeting with American President Joe Biden at the White House, Lasso gave a speech in Washington. In addition to hoping to reach a trade agreement, Ecuador is asking the United States for assistance in fighting drug trafficking.

During a conference organized by the Inter-American Dialogue think tank, Lasso, 67, stated that "Ecuador's constitution allows reelection just once, that will be in 2025."

"In Washington, one gets a little emboldened and I can tell you that I'm not going to shy from that responsibility," he added.

After being severely damaged by the coronavirus outbreak, Lasso said that Ecuador's economy is now in "good health," adding that he is now concentrating on combating drug trafficking, which has resulted in an increase in violence in the nation's streets and jails.

Since he assumed office, Ecuador has impounded more than 300 tonnes of cocaine, according to Lasso.

According to a statement from the Ecuadorian administration, Biden promised to work more closely with Ecuador in its attempts to combat crime and drug trafficking. This will help with initiatives to improve the nation's judicial and jail systems as well as marine security.

The statement also said that Ecuador will get $13.5 million to assist microloans for female entrepreneurs and $20 million to help reduce carbon emissions, protect biodiversity and combat illegal fishing.

Guillermo Alberto Santiago Lasso Mendoza is a businessman, banker, writer, and politician who has served as the 47th president of Ecuador since 24 May 2021. He is the country's first center-right president in nearly two decades, marking a shift in the country's electorate. Lasso served as Superminister of Economy during the Jamil Mahuad presidency briefly in 1999.

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