The future does not look bright for Shiki and his team in “Edens Zero” Chapter 82. He will finally face off against Drakken but spoilers say that the outcome of the fight will put him at a disadvantage.

‘Edens Zero’ Chapter 81 Recap

Suing the ether gear Pain’s Tree, Daichi pinned Rebecca into a wall. The torture-lover character then proceeded to torture her using the tree which proved too much for Rebecca that she had no choice but to scream.

However, Laguna entered and the screaming Rebecca turned into water using her ability Tears Lover. Daichi was not pleased that his torture on Rebecca was cut short but he quickly calmed down that it was Drakken Joe’s orders that she remains unharmed.

Kleene was battling against Homura Kōgetsu who was bent on giving Weisz Steiner (X442) the medicine. But Kleene’s Wind Ether Gear proved to be more powerful and Homura wasn’t able to resist even with her Soul Blade resulting in Kleene eventually grabbing the medicine.

Meanwhile, Sibir was seen tending to the wounded Weisz. However, Fie suddenly appeared and was about to kill both of them. Thankfully, Shiki arrived just in time to stop Fie.

But Jinn arrived as well. The two fighters prepared to battle out their foe and activated their devastating skills. Shiki used Magimech Attack: Gravity Fist while Jinn used Skymech Ninjutsu Attack: Crushing Gale and the two were about to slug it out against each other.

Drakken Joe arrived and stopped both fighters which shows how powerful he is. He also pointed out to both fighters that what they thought was Overdrive was not the real deal explaining further how a true Overdrive happens.

Shiki asked Drakken where Rebecca is. “You don’t need to know that,” was Drakken’s response. “The woman belongs to me.”

‘Edens Zero’ Chapter 82 Spoilers

With the tense ending in the previous chapter, a fight against Shiki and Drakken is bound to happen. However, “Edens Zero” Chapter 82 spoilers from Reddit predict that it won’t exactly be a fight because Drakken will easily overpower Shiki.

As a result, Shiki, Weisz, Homura, and Becca will all be captured and placed in the same location. “Edens Zero” Chapter 82 spoilers by Twitter user @11thDoctr (which was reposted on Reddit) say that Fie will cut off one of Weisz’s arms.

“Drakken easily takes care of Shiki and captured him,” @11thDoctr’s spoilers read.”Shiki, Weisz, Homura, and Becca are all taken to the same place. Drakken and tons of other people are there. Drakken shoots Shiki in the thigh. Drakken lifts Weisz's arm and Fie cuts it off.”

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