Edith Gonzalez
Actress Edith González rejects her participation on 'Aventurera' play due tu health conditions. GettyImages

Edith González known for her stellar roles in telenovela productions like "Corazón Salvaje", "Salomé" and "Doña Bárbara", has clarified the rumors about her entrance to "Aventurera" after Niurka Marcos departure. Edith clarified to El Universal newspaper that although she prepares herself to return to a play in the upcoming months, she will not participate in the musical because her physical state does not allow her to do so.

The brave actress confessed last November to have been diagnosed with cancer and made her fight against the disease public.

When asked about her return to the stage, she said that her state of health does not allow her to participate in a production of such magnitude.

"’Aventurera’ demands a lot from me and now the priorities are different, but I thank Juan Osorio very much for thinking of me. He is very loving and has been very attentive via phone taking care of me all the time. He has been a very supportive friend and it’s not the first time," the actress said.

Even though her condition doesn’t let her be in this play, she won’t abandon the entertainment world all together since she is set to return to the theater on a play by actor Luis Felipe Tovar, a dramatic cut-out where she will be playing an inspiring human being. "My character is very beautiful, I feel happy and excited. I will interpret a woman whose virtues and defects are warmth and naive. It's a drama in which two characters meet in a day," confessed.

During the last few weeks, González has been sharing images of her in Cuba on her Instagram account. In the photos you can see her very happy and sharing with her followers all of her favorite life lessons and how she’s dealing with this process happening in her life.

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