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The "Amores Con Trampa" has lashed out on Univision for censoring his telenovela. Read what he wrote here! Televisa

Univision audiences have complained over the years for censoring words or cutting out scenes that are ok with Mexican viewers, but can be deemed insensitive stateside. During the premiere of "Amores Con Trampa" in the U.S. the very first scene of the telenovela was chopped. In those first minutes of the Emilio Larrosa production we see Eduardo Yáñez helping his cow give birth. It's something we see on Discovery Channel every day and something natural. The scene was not graphic whatsoever but Univision editors thought it was in bad taste and did not air it. Once word of this got to the star of the Televisa production, he went on a rant and apologized to his fans. "All of the cast of 'Amores Con Trampa' apologize to the U.S. public because Univision has maimed our story," he wrote. "This is an act with impunity that violates the authors rights that impedes you of enjoying our product freely."

Yáñez has always been one to not hold back and expresses his opinion when he deems something unjust. He later tweeted the following: "You weren't able to enjoy on Univision a scene where a cow gives birth to her calf showing the miracle of life." Audiences of the telenovela expressed their disgusts for the network and cited that on different occasions they have done the same. It is also worth noting that Eduardo's character calls his wife María (Africa Zavala) "negrita," which Univision censors. In Mexico its a term of endearment and in no way has a negative connotation regarding race. Due to recent scandals at the network about a former "El Gordo y La Flaca" host making remarks about Michelle Obama, we can see why they would want to omit and steer away from any controversy. That word within context is not a bad word and Latino audiences are aware of this. We can only imagine how annoying it's going to be for viewers that on every scene the audio is going to be muted. That is only going to drive ratings down, which Univision can't afford right now.

Eduardo Yanez Tweets
Eduardo Yáñez did not hold back on Twitter against Univision. Twitter

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