'El Señor De Los Cielos 2' Final Episodes
The second season of 'El Señor de los Cielos' is coming to a close and that only means that more deaths are coming and Ximena might be the next victim. Telemundo

The Telemundo narco-novela "El Señor de los Cielos" is coming to an end in the coming days. With the second season wrapping up more deaths are sure to be prominent in the final week of episodes. On Episode 79, "La Gober" (Marlene Favela) tells Ballesteros (Carmen Villalobos) that "Danilo" (Rafael Amaya) has been acting weird. He showed up to her house unexpected and left without saying goodbye. Lai (Manuela Gonzalez) calls Aurelio (Rafael Amaya) and tells him that she's fleeing the country as her husband beat up General Garnica (Tomás Goros), which could have serious consequences for them. Victor Jr. plans to run away from his home, "la abuela" figures it out and will keep quiet. Aurelio orders a man to kill off Ximena's (Ximena Herrera) man.

"La Gober" meets the new general (Manuel Balbi), who says he has an order directly from the Mexican President to arrest Garnica. Aurelio tells Rutila (Carmen Aub) that it'll be best if she left with Santiago after what happened with Chema (Mauricio Ochamann). Aurelio calls Ximena and tells her to come over with their other younger daughter to talk about them making the move out of Mexico, that way Santiago is alone and the plan can be executed. Rutila has her suspicions but Aurelio calms her down by telling her they will go horseback riding like when she was a young girl. Ximena and her daughter Luzma leave their home and the men are ordered to take action. Ximena says that she forgot Rutila's backpack and is going back inside the home to get it. The plan is in motion and even though they are ordered to abort, the walkie talkie is on the floor and the other men didn't hear the order. Santiago and Ximena are shot.

Ximena is found alive and taken to the hospital. Ballesteros calls Elga to see if she knows where Garnica is at and they find out he's at Villa Catalina. Aurelio is given noticed that Ximena is in the hospital fighting for her life. Aurelio tells Rutila that it was "El Chema" Venegas who sent out to kill Ximena. "El Chema" is looking for Lai, it seems they want to get rid of a problem. He calls Villa Catalina and is told that she sold the business and ran away to Colombia. He then calls "El Tijeras" (Tommy Vasquez) and orders to kill her. Ballesteros and the new chief arrest Garnica. The doctor tells Aurelio and the girls that Ximena is not doing well and is in a lot of pain despite the pain killers. Victor Jr. runs away after finishing the shoot. Aurelio goes in to see Ximena and she calls out for Santiago. He asks how she's doing and asks if Santiago is dead then accuses him of killing him. "El Señor de los Cielos" will air its final episode on Monday, September 22 at 10pm ET/PT.

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