A health worker gives Covid-19 Jab to a man
NYC Lifts Proof Of Vaccination Mandate, School Mask Requirements Photo by Omar Marques/Getty Images

A German elderly man allegedly subjected himself to over 5 dozen shots of Covid-19 vaccines to sell forged vaccination passes. The vaccination cards, although fraudulent, still carried real vaccine batch numbers that can be verified. The 60-year-old man, whose identity was not released due to German privacy laws, was from the city of Magdeburg in eastern Germany.

According to the Associated Press, the man received about 90 inoculations against Covid-19 in vaccination centers around the state of Saxony spread out for a good number of months. Criminal police caught him while at a vaccination center in Eilenburg when he turned up for a Covid-shot for two days in a row. Cops confiscated a slew of blank vaccination cards from the suspect, however, he was not detained after being apprehended. Instead, police initiated criminal proceedings and placed him under investigation for the unauthorized issuance of vaccination cards as well as document forgery.

German news agency DPA said it is not yet clear what the impact of the multiple branded shots of Covid-19 will have on the man’s health. In recent months, German police have conducted raids on reports of vaccination passport forgeries as many who refuse to take the shots have been given limited access to public venues as well as their workplaces.

The country’s disease control agency reported more than 74,000 new Covid infections over the weekend registering some 130,000 deaths from the coronavirus. Despite the high infection rates, Germany ended its pandemic measures on Friday. Masks are still required for commuters using public modes of transportation but are no longer compulsory in most public places and in some schools.

Teachers’ associations have expressed concern over this, warning of possible conflicts between parents and students in class. Heinz-Peter Meidinger, the president of the German Teachers’ Association, told the DPA that he has advocated a voluntary commitment by both teachers and students to continue donning masks in class as well as on school grounds until the 2-week Easter Holiday.

“There is now a danger that, on the one hand, children who wear masks will be teased by classmates as wimps and overprotective or, on the other hand, pressure will be exerted on non-mask wearers,” Meidinger said.

People wait or the AstraZeneca vaccine
People wait or the AstraZeneca vaccine at the pop-up, walk-in clinic at the Michael Wenden Aquatic Leisure Centre in Miller on August 05, 2021 in Sydney, Australia. Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in hot spot local government areas have increased with masks required outdoors at all times and residents limited to movement within a 5 kilometre radius of their homes. Greater Sydney is in lockdown through August 28th to contain the highly contagious Covid-19 delta variant. Photo by Brook Mitchell/Getty Images

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