Elsa Cardenas, Elvis Presley Romance: Mexican Actress Reveals Past Love Affair While Shooting ‘Fun In Acapulco’

Elsa Cardenas, Elvis Presley
Elsa Cardenas revealed she had a love affair with Elvis when they were shooting "Fun in Acapulco." Paramount Pictures

While celebrating the 50th anniversary of the movie “Fun In Acapulco,” Mexican actress Elsa Cárdenas revealed she had a little affair with the King of Rock ‘n Roll, Elvis Presley. According to Cárdenas, 78, the first thing Elvis said to her is that she was very pretty, to which she replied that he was very good looking too. She went on to explain that when the two met, Elvis was already in a relationship with Priscilla, but they weren’t married yet.

Cárdenas revealed that she and the rock star were “kind of a couple.” “Everyone knew, and it was all right because there was nothing yet, they still weren’t married,” Cárdenas added. Presley and Priscilla got married four years later in 1967 and separated almost seven years after that. They had a daughter, Lisa Marie, who made headlines when she married Michael Jackson in 1994, but quickly divorced.

“You know, you’re young and beautiful and you’re chosen to be in a movie with one of the biggest stars of the time, well, the biggest, so you can imagine,” Elsa revealed. Cárdenas is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the movie industry. Besides Presley, she also acted alongside another legend, James Dean in the film “Giant,” Dean’s last movie before his untimely death.

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