Enrique Iglesias Defends Fan From Security At Baku Concert; Tells Guards To 'Take It Easy'

It was a known a fact ever since his "Experiencia Religiosa" days, face mole days and sweater days that Enrique Iglesias is a great guy with his fans. If you have been following his trajectory since he embarked it in the 1990s, you should know that there was a period of time when Iglesias would even smooch his fans on stage. Yes! We all wished to be that lucky girl he would lip-lock in mid show.

One fan in Baku got the memo, and although she did not get to kiss the singer on the lips, she managed to get more than what she bargained for. 

Iglesias is making headlines thanks to a YouTube video that has gone viral of one of his recent concerts. At a show held in Baku, Azerbaijan, where he was performing at the European Formula I Grand Prix event, a fan is seen running to the stage and ambushing the singer in mid-presentation. The petite girl with dark hair rushed up to the "Duele El Corazon" singer and wrapped her arms and legs around him. The crowd immediately went crazy as Iglesias did nothing but embrace his fan. 

Enrique Iglesias Here's all the proof you need that Enrique Iglesias is a total sweetheart with his fans. YouTube / Getty Images

Security guards, however, quickly reacted to the girl on stage and rushed to the singer's rescue. The Spanish pop crooner signaled that everything was O.K. when the first security got on stage. Then, with the fan still hanging on him, he told the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth security to back off.

After a small confrontation with the group of concerned guards, Iglesias guided his fan to the side of the stage where she can get off safely. Oh, the irony of this situation. Iglesias defending and protecting his fan from security. Love it! 

Following the mishap, Iglesias continued his concert and had a couple of words for security. "Security, take it easy. To keep everybody safe is all that I need," he said. Check out the video below!

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Jessica Lucia Roiz

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