#EPNvsInternet protets have begun this afternoon in Mexico City for real. Hundreds of young men and women gathered outside Mexico's Angel of Independence Statue to march towards the Senate where the proposed legislation is currently being discussed. The protest was organized via Mexican social media against new legislation which proposes certain new resrtrictions on Mexico's telecommunications network, which many see as a threat to privacy. 

#EPNvsInternet was the hashtag used across social media to bring people together on this cause. The movement is also expected to attract protests in Guadalajara and Hermosillo. Protesters held signs and banners calling for an end to the legislation, while many sported the masks commonly associated with global hacking group Anonymous. Hashtags #MarchaContraElSilencio and #ContraElSilencioMX were also widely used.  The protesters marched down Avenida Reforma to the senate.

Meanwhile, José Ignacio Peralta, Mexico's Deputy Communications Secretary has gone to great lengths to assure the population that the Government has no intention of infringing upon the freedom of speech or privacy of its citizens. Peralta himself took to social media to assure members of the public that the laws are in fact being proposed to ensure greater security and privacy for its citizens as well as economic development for the country.