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With Christmas nearly here, and everyone clamoring to find the perfect gift for friends, family or even co-workers, stores are a terrifying place to be. So I turned to Etsy, an online store as my alternative, with great prices, fast shipping, and truly one of a kind items, is the perfect place to do you all of your Christmas shopping. I purchased all of my Christmas gifts off the site this year, and they have already been shipped, some even gift-wrapped, so when you order from Etsy prepared to be thrilled with the results. The best part about Etsy is the ability to shop several different stores, styles and items while knowing that online credit card information is safe! So who are the best people to buy for and what the best presents to get them? Well from experience I know that both of my parents are suckers for anything sentimental, and with Etsy's abundant number of handmade items it even looks like you put time and thought into your Christmas gifts. So the first people to conquer on our Etsy Holiday Gift Guide are parents and grandparents, they will like anything as long as it's from the heart.


Now while you may find this a bit odd I actually did purchase my father's Christmas gift off, although I didn't find it in the "Mens" section. (PS. I hope he's not reading this.) My mom recently revealed that my dad constantly steals her night cream, and she is not pleased about it. So I decided to get him his own skin care system, I found the perfect set at the wild violetta shop, which offered a Men's Skin Care Gift Set for only $38! The three-step simple-to-use system included an all-natural face wash, toner, and a face cream, plus a free lip balm! The brown bottles and jar are simple yet sleek, adorned with labels that read "Guy Stuff," now my dad doesn't have to feel embarrassed about his face cream, and the best part about this gift, it comes wrapped! You really can't beat it!

As for my mom, she loves anything personalized and jewelry! So I decided to kill two birds with one stone and get her a personalized 14 K gold infinity necklace! The necklace from Sevgi Charms is stunning with an infinity sign and two hanging initialed pendants, sentimental, yet stylish, this necklace is the perfect gift for any member of your family. For only $52.00, you can make your mom cry and give her something sparkly to wear!


In addition to the brand new skin care system for my dad; I also continued the bath products system for my grandfather. I purchased him handmade soap from mirasol farm. For only $25.00, I completed my Christmas shopping for the men in my life with a pack of set of 12 natural, botanical and organic sample size gift soaps! These have already been delivered and they smell so fantastic through the free gift-wrapping that I am tempting to open them every day! Bath products, and skin care systems can be so expensive, but these to stores deliver fast and provide products that fantastic and affordable!

As for my grandma she is a lover of costume jewelry, so I wanted to get her a special piece! While perusing through Etsy I came across my new favorite shop and not because of its creative name! Moonlight Martini provides ladies with beautiful handcrafted, and vintage pieces that are seriously wallet friendly! For my grandmother I discovered a beautiful vintage 1970's cocktail ring, the dark cognac rhinestone pinky ring is as glitzy and costumey as it gets. The best part about it is its low price at only $15.00, I know my grandmother will feel like a vixen!


For my siblings, I wanted to do something really nice for them this year, but if I hadn't made this clear earlier I am working on a tight budget! So Etsy was my first stop for Christmas shopping. I was so tired of spending so much money on gifts that not only didn't mean anything but were small and dinky in comparison to what Santa brought them, so I used the power of the internet to help me find this one and luckily it paid off! My sisters are both serious readers so I discovered a store called Bookishly and instantly fell in love! I had a ton of options to choose from but finally settled on a great piece, which for only $40.16 I know will have both of them choked up on Christmas morning. The piece is a framed page from "Little Women" with a painted quote atop that reads, "I could never love anyone as I love my sisters." How perfect is that?! I got it for both of them, and now I am really hoping that no one in my family is reading this!


As for my friends, I wanted to buy each of them a little token of love during the Christmas season, I decided to go with a regular gift idea but with such an unbelievable price I was able to buy for everyone on my list! For only $10.oo I snagged a bunch of pairs of red fleece fingerless gloves that are so cozy and warm, but for you tech savvy folks, you can still text! The fleece gloves come in a variety of colors and if fleece isn't for you there are multiple fabrics, all available from Ma and Pa Peddle!


I don't know why my boyfriend is all the way at the bottom of the list, but his gift is great too! It's actually a two-part gift one practical, and one sentimental! Though I don't think he will cry like I am expecting my mom and sisters to, but alas I will try! One thing that he is desperately in need of is a new wallet, so I started my search there and I discovered a beautiful monogrammed leather wallet on Tipos Creations. The wallet was perfect, the monogram is well sized and better yet, it has a handy money clip! In addition to the handmade wallet for $32.95, I wanted to get him something sweet, so I discovered a wallet insert card from RameWorks and I loved them! The insert card is a metal card, the size of a credit card, but instead of swiping it, you read it. You can personalize the card to say anything you want, an inside joke, a poem, or just some words of love. Your boyfriend, spouse, or really just about anyone can keep the inscribed card with him at all times!

I hope that this Holiday gift guide helps you somewhat on your quest to discover the perfect gift! Etsy is a great place to bring Christmas home, and the best part about it is that you don't have to wait on line, you don't have to deal with stressed out people, and it’s cheap! Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!

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