Euro 2016: Cristiano Ronaldo Throws Reporter’s Mic Into Lake Ahead Of Portugal Game

Cristiano Ronaldo
Football Soccer - Euro 2016 - Portugal Training - Centre National de Rugby, Marcoussis, France - 23/6/16 - Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo waves to fans during a training session. REUTERS/Darren Staples

Cristiano Ronaldo was apparently not having a great day yesterday. The Portugal star might have been under a lot of pressure prior to his Euro Cup 2016 game against Hungary, because when a reporter tried to ask him a question he grabbed the mic and chucked it into the lake. 

Some who have seen Ronaldo throw mood tantrums against the press suspected the soccer star was very stressed out and reacted negatively, but the fact is that the reporter was from CMTV, the same media outlet he sued in 2014 for ill reporting about his family. 

Reporter Diogo Torres told BBC Sports, "I asked Ronaldo if he was prepared for the match. He didn't answer. He grabbed my mic and threw it into the lake. Diogo added, "I'm not sure why he did it. I think it was a momentary thing. I think he would not have done it if he had thought about it.

The fact that Ronaldo could have been under a lot of stress due to his penalty miss against Austria, could have played in. The team needed to win against Hungary to remain in the tournament.

The reporter also explained that he understands that Ronaldo might not have liked some of the news published about him, but that they are a major newspaper in Portugal and produce a lot of news. Perhaps that's why he did it. But it wasn't a personal thing,” he noted.

“I've not had an apology from Ronaldo or the team. We travelled to France on the same plane with the players and will fly back with them,” the reporter said.

Luckily, the game score ended at 3-3 with two goals from Ronaldo and the team has moved on to the Euro Cup’s Round of 16.

Apart from that, Ronaldo has another good reason to be happy as he recently took the lead in becoming the top player in the "World's Highest-Paid Athletes" 2016 list released by Forbes (followed by Lionel Messi).

Ronaldo, who is a forward for Spanish club Real Madrid and captain for Portugal national team, ranked number one on the list with earnings of $88 million over the past 12 months from salary, bonuses and endorsements, according to Forbes.

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