Ready for a creepy story? Jorge Federico Villareal is an evangelical pastor in the city of México that just announced on social media that he is marrying a 12-year-old girl because God asked him to. Not only that but he has married three other times and swaps out his wives after conversing with God, who makes him make the decision. "Since I've met Christ I've had tu repudiate three women that were my wives, each one at their time," he said according to La Silla Rota. "Many get scandalized and say, 'so many women!' because what they see is a comforting position of putting up with sin, the injustice in front of God, more to God, what he see's is much more severe."

"God has chosen a young girl to be my wife," he continued. "God: 'Why her?' and today, talking to him in the morning, he made me see that the woman that he chose for me is of young age and is given her to me so I can sanctify her, to edify, so that she doesn't contaminate me like the other's that did."

His former wife, Miriam Linda González Aceves, said that everything came to be because she didn't know how to act before God. "I was stubborn, negligent, rebellious and contumacious, in one word, very stupid. I didn't understand God, I didn't know how to honor him and love him with all my being even though he had promises and plans for my life. I came to to make God upset and with danger surrounding me for my foolishness, I could've caused the death to his servant that heard his prayers and determined that I not be his wife, and be disavowed.

The pastor said that the world see's 15-year-old girls that are still virgins as an old maid. "Today there have been girls that go to institutions that are pregnant at the age of 10, 11, 12 and a woman at 15 years of age who has not had sexual relations, for the world is an old maid. That is what God doesn't want, because those young girls, even though they are called girls, are women, she who gives away their hymen is not a girl anymore."

Villareal says, that contrary to reports, he will wait until the 12-year-old girl turns 18 to consummate the marriage. "Then it is necessary to judge things spiritually and not carnally; what God sees is the heart, if a young woman wants to love God, wants to serve Him and longs to be guided by someone who will be an instructor, her protection, her sustenance and her love (because she fell in love with him), where is the sin?"

The sensitive topic can gross anybody out and people on social media have already been calling out this man for his twisted way of justifying his actions. His profile on Facebook, as well as his former wife, was reported and subsequently removed. We just hope the little girl is taken care of and this "marriage" doesn't go through.