Family Guy
What will happen in the season 13 premiere of "Family Guy." FOX

Tonight is the highly anticipated season 13 premiere of "Family Guy" on Fox on (9/8c). We will finally get to see the Simpsons meet the Griffin's in this crossover episode. So what can fans expect to see in the season premiere "The Simpsons Guy"?

In a special hour-long crossover with "The Simpsons," the Griffin's meet the Simpson family when they end up in Springfield while on a road trip. Stewie takes lessons in pranks and skateboarding from Bart; Lois and Marge bond over their idiot husbands; Lisa discovers - to her annoyance - that Meg is as good at playing the saxophone as she is and Peter gets into a brawl with Homer over which brand of beer is the best – Pawtucket or Duff.

Meanwhile other things we'll see in this season include Joe writing a children's book in the episode "Book of Joe." There will be an upcoming Christmas episode with the return of Jesus with him trying to have sex for the first time in "The 2000-Year-Old-Virgin" and Peter will beat up guest star Neeson in "Kicking Arse." Stewie becomes pregnant with Brian's baby, Meg becomes a foot fetish model. Also, Brian and Stewie take Chris back through time to help him with his history class in "Stewie, Chris, & Brian's Excellent Adventure," where they meet Napoleon Bonaparte.

You can catch the crossover episode on Fox at 9/8c but if you are unable to watch it live there are some options for you. Fox usually airs full episodes on their website the day after it premieres. You also have the option of watching on Hulu Plus which again will be available the day it airs on network.

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