Famous Giant Panda Dies In Mexico City Zoo; Chapultepec To Start Artificial Insemination With Remaining 2 Pandas

27-year-old panda, Xiu Hua, died this weekend in Mexico City. Facebook.com/SecretariadelMed

Xiu Hua, a 27-year-old panda bear, died today at the Chapultepec Zoo this weekend in Mexico City. With the death of Xiu Hua, the countries panda bear population has dropped from three to two.

According to ABC News, the panda died from natural causes, according to Mexico City environmental officials, who explained that she passed away on Saturday night after the zoo closed.

She was one of several pandas born and raised in the Chapultepec Zoo, the first place outside of China to successfully breed this species in captivity.

Xiu Hua's death sparked a series of messages of condolence on Twitter this weekend, as well as a few sarcastic jokes from users who tried to connect the panda's death to Mexico's social problems.

Twitter user @iauraB, wrote about Xiu Hua as if she was one of the thousands of victims of Mexico's drug war.

"Xiu Hua died in Chapultepec Zoo? How Many More Calderon? How Many More?" this twitter user said in reference to Mexico's previous president, who some Mexicans blame for more than 70,000 drug violence deaths.

Zoo officials weren't so surprised by Xiu Hua death. At 28, she was the one of the oldest pandas in captivity in the world. According to the San Diego Zoo's website, giant pandas have a lifespan of 14-18 years.

With only two pandas left, scientist in Mexico's zoo will try to artificially inseminate the other female panda, Xin Xin, in hopes of raising the country's panda population.



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