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Tipped as contenders for the Super Bowl title before the National Football League season, the Indianapolis Colts were like one in their first seven games, going 5-2 to start their campaign.

However, they just lost two straight games.

While last week's loss can be forgivable since the Pittsburgh Steelers are also chasing a spot in next year's postseason, the Colts's latest defeat trended on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

The Colts suffered a Week 10 defeat at home to the Miami Dolphins, 12-16.

In all fairness, Miami is making a late run to the playoffs, scoring back-to-back wins after a 0-7 start. Consider that late push a bit too late.

The New England Patriots are sitting comfortably on top of the AFC East—and the entire AFC in general—at 8-1.

The Dolphins will also have a tough chasing a wildcard spot as the Colts, the Oakland Raiders, and the Tennessee Titans are already with five wins.

Not to mention Pittsburgh is not far behind at 4-4. But at least, Miami derailed Indianapolis' playoff hopes a bit.

The Colts missed out on tying the Houston Texans, who are taking a break in Week 10, on top of the AFC South standings and instead fall a full game behind them.

One primary reason behind Indianapolis' recent struggles is the absence of wide receiver TY Hilton.

Hilton is currently sidelined with a calf injury that he got during training prior to the team's game against Pittsburgh, and he is expected to be out for a couple more weeks.

One Twitter user pointed out that Hilton is a barometer of the Colts' success since they are winless without him.

In fact, he observed that they lost for the seventh time without Hilton.

Meanwhile, some others acknowledged the injury bug hampering Indianapolis, but they added that it should not be an excuse.

And of course, some Twitter users took the time to roast the team for a loss against a virtual also-ran squad.

Miami's stunner at Indianapolis is just one of four upsets that took place on Sunday.

The then 1-7 Atlanta Falcons shocked the then 7-1 New Orleans Saints, 26-9, the then 2-6 Cleveland Browns pipped the then 6-2 Buffalo Bills, 19-16, and the Titans, who entered their game at 4-5, stopped the then 6-3 Kansas City Chiefs, 35-32.

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