President Obama and his family are about to say goodbye to the White House and for obvious reasons everybody seems to be having issues accepting it.

Taking social media as their platform, celebrities are posting pictures and messages thanking Barack Obama for his magnificent job as President of the United States.

From legendary athletes, to big-time actors and actresses, the White House's guest list of celebrities is impressive; but it’s the 44th U.S. President that makes everybody wants to visit the Presidential Palace even more.

His amazing sense of humor and friendly personality won everyone’s heart. Latino celebrities can’t believe is the end of the Obama era and are also sending admiration words; like singer Alejandro Sanz, who wrote on Instagram “We will miss you Mr President. Thanks for the dignity, respect, responsability and love you put in your job these 8 years God bless you Mr. President Barack Obama .”

Venezuelan ex-Miss Universe Alicia Machado, who was one of the protagonists during the presidential campaign because of the derogatory comments that she received from president-elect Donald Trump during the beauty contest, also sent a message thanking Obama’s legacy.

Actress Eva Longoria celebrated her birthday with POTUS and shared the moment with a post that reads: One of the best moments of my life. President Obama wheeling in a cake for my birthday after a work session. This man. I don't have enough words to tell this man how much he helped me personally grow. He inspired me to be better. To do more. To learn more.”

El Gordo y La Flaca TV Hostess also shared with her Instagram followers a photo with Barack Obama celebrating her Birthday. Here, Lili Estefan's smile is bigger than ever!

It seems Obama has very good Latino friends. In this image we can see actor Jaime Camil posing in the middle of Obama and Joe Biden.