“Fear The Walking Dead” Season 6 renewal was announced at the show’s panel during the San Diego Comic-Con last July. The fifth installment of “The Walking Dead” spin-off has been ongoing since June, with the show recently returning earlier this August from its mid-season break. But the ongoing series has met a minor hitch after fans clamor for the sixth season to be “unrenewed.”

AMC’s FTWD series underwent a lot of changes for Season 5, including the addition of TWD characters Morgan — played by Lennie James — and Dwight — portrayed by Austin Amelio. The addition of these popular characters from the flagship series turned the survivalist storyline into one centered on redemption.

The series shift of the two characters was hypothesized to help with the show’s steady decline in viewership over the past few seasons. This unfortunately did nothing to help with the “Fear” series’ popularity.

“Fear The Walking Dead” Season 5 continued to see dropping ratings and viewer stats as it went on, ultimately culminating in last week’s Episode 12, “Ner Tamid,” being viewed by only 1.14 million viewers. This is a new record for the horror series’ lowest viewed episode.

The dip in viewers and ratings may be attributed to many factors, possibly because of the Labour Day holiday or the hurricane coverage that spanned for almost the whole day. These factors may have contributed to it, but this may not be the biggest factor over all. It may also mean that fans are simply not digging the show anymore.

On the “Fear The Walking Dead” Reddit group page, fans have been calling for the sixth season to be unrenewed. A Reddit user called TokioStar posted a photo that states “DON’T CLING TO A MISTAKE JUST BECAUSE YOU SPENT A LOT OF TIME MAKING IT.” And the user captioned the post with “#Unrenew FTWD Season 6.”

Other former FTWD fans joined in. And they asked everyone to band arms to discontinue their former favorite zombie show.

“UnrenewFTWDSeason6. [L]et's turn this into a twitter hashtag trend,” Bo-Rad DaNomad wrote. “Wrong title card, but I 100% agree, either cancel the show or bring new show runners,” added user LeverHides.

Fear the Walking Dead Cover photo of 'Fear the Walking Dead.' Fear the Walking Dead/Facebook