Arizona police are currently on the hunt for a woman who allegedly threw her food at a fast-food worker for getting her order wrong.

The incident was captured through CCTV footage that was posted on social media. Authorities are now seeking the help of the public in helping identify and track down the female suspect.

According to reports, the woman threw her food at the store worker after she was served cold fries and serving nuggets that were not spicy. She reacted by throwing the drink and food at the employee.

"Upon identifying her fries were cold and her nuggets were NOT spicy, she threw her drink and food bag at the employee," the Facebook post read.

A photo of the woman has been released by authorities. They are urging the public to help in the investigation with hopes of tracking down the female suspect. Anyone who may be familiar with or have information to help police in finding the woman is requested to contact the Casa Grande police officer Seth Sanchez at or 520-521-8711.

The incident has garnered backlash from people on social media.

One person, a parent, stated that anyone would be irate had a similar incident happened to her child. This was concurred by other people who came across the post.

“People we need to remember our children work at these places. Mine does and I would be irate if someone treated her that way,” Shaun Cardenas said in the comments section of the post.

This incident comes several months after a woman from Georgia was arrested after reportedly attacking another fast-food worker over a food dispute.

At the time, the perpetrator allegedly pulled the hair of the fast-food worker and then jumped over the counter due to a food dispute. Aside from that, the female customer also started throwing items.

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