There is a new trend on Instagram and it is finding which Disney character are you. It was created by an Instagram user and it instantly became a hit after it was launched. 

It is not an app but a Disney filter created by Arno Partissimo and in his Instagram profile, it says that he is a photographer, film creator and videomaker. This social media user has introduced several filters before but this is the only one that has gone viral so far. 

Patissimo’s filter is called “Which Disney Character Are You” and it can be found in the Instagram Stories. The new filter will choose the character that best fits you and the best part is it is so easy. 

Many people have already tried it and they posted the results on their pages. Here's how to know which Disney character are you on Instagram. Simply follow these steps and be Frozen’s Elsa or someone else, perhaps a villain! 

There are few ways to do it and as shared on CNN Business, the first option is to look for a friend's Insta story that applied the Disney-themed filter. Click the click the title of the filter placed on the top left corner of his or her handle name. 

At the bottom, a gray bar will pop up and an option to “Try It” will appear. Just click on it and open your camera for a selfie video. The filter will begin to generate Disney characters and at it will stop once the right character has been chosen for you.

The second way is easier because you only have to directly head to Arno Partissimo ’s new filter and simply click the filter and press "Try It." The filter will begin choosing your Disney character then post it on your Instagram story as well. 

Finally, here are a few quick tips to keep in mind to make sure that the filter will work. First, set your camera in selfie mode so when the filter opens, your face will appear on the screen at once. Second, make sure to face the camera and it recognizes you and lastly, if the filter freezes and doesn't start shuffling when you click “Try It,” tap the icon again to refresh and it should start to work.