Kathryn Prescott as Carter in MTV's new hit series "Finding Carter." Facebook/Finding Carter

MTV's “Finding Carter” Season 1 has surely made a dramatic debut on MTV this summer. The family drama centered on Carter (Kathryn Prescott) follows a teenage girl who thinks that she has the perfect life until one night, after police bust a high school party, she finds out the woman who she thinks is her mother is actually her kidnapper. After finding out she was abducted when she was three, Carter is then thrust back into an unfamiliar family life with two new parents, a brother and twin sister that she doesn’t know. Yet, we’ve seen Carter grow close to her siblings Grant (Zac Pullam) and Taylor (Anna Jacoby-Heron). Her relationship with her parents Elizabeth (Cynthia Watros) and David (Alexis Denisof) had a more rocky start.

Almost the whole season Carter has been calling her real mom “Elizabeth,” but just last episode during “The Long Goodbye” we saw Carter call Elizabeth “mom” for the first time. It was an emotional moment which transpired after Carter’s boyfriend Crash (Caleb Ruminer) goes crazy for a brief second and shoots Carter’s best friend Max (Alex Saxon). Carter was originally planning to run away forever with Crash because she found out her father, who is an acclaimed author due to a book he wrote about his daughter’s kidnapping, “Losing Linden,” was planning to write a sequel when she specifically asked him not to called “Finding Carter” to recoup a large debt he owed and help the family as well as his self-esteem as a husband and father.

Most of the season, Carter has been completely team Lori Stevens and even if she wasn’t her real mom she said consistently to her friends and -- old and new -- that she would find a way to return to Lori so that they could be together. However, Carter’s feelings began to become more complicated after she started getting close to her new family and new friends Gabe (Jesse Henderson), Bird (Vanessa Morgan) and Ofe (Jesse Carere). And her oldest friend Max started dating her twin sister Taylor.

Every fan by now has to be team Grant and team Taylor but in the parenting department things are complicated. David is a liar and possibly using Carter’s life story to become a best-selling (and rich) author, Elizabeth is a cheater who has been sleeping with Taylor’s best friend’s Gabe’s Dad for three years and we have NO IDEA why Lori stole Carter from the Wilson family. Too many questions are unanswered about her connection to the Wilson family and why she would take Carter.

But, that’s what makes “Finding Carter” a great show. Every single character has flaws. No one is pure good or pure evil. (OK, except maybe Max … He may be pure angel.) But, it seems clear that Carter does have a strong emotional connection with her biological family now, despite all their misgivings and betrayals. Yet, she’s got some crazy people from her past who might not be so good for her whom she likely still cares about (aka kidnapper ex-mom Lori and near murder ex-boyfriend Crash). Will Carter make the right decisions in the season finale? Will she be allowed to make the decisions or will there be a Lori/Crash team up where they kidnap her again? Whoa! We’ll have to wait to find out. Watch “Finding Carter” on MTV at 10/9c p.m. on Tuesday. Check out the official promo below.

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