‘The Flash's’ Killer Frost Could Be In Trouble If Character Joins ‘Suicide Squad 2’

“Suicide Squad 2” is starting to shape up. In fact, a brand new rumor claims that a beloved character from The CW series “The Flash” will be part of the lineup. 

The folks over at Discussing Film are claiming that Killer Frost will be featured in the highly anticipated sequel. She will apparently be joining Polka-Dot Man, Peacemaker, King Shark and Ratcatcher. No further information about the character's appearance was provided, though.

Either way, it looks like “Suicide Squad 2” director James Gunn wants to bump up the meta-human ratio in the group since Killer Croc is the only one at the moment. He is also staying true to Killer Frost's connection to the ragtag group. The Louise Lincoln and Caitlin Snow versions of the DC Bombshell both served the Suicide Squad briefly in the comics.

Killer Frost has the potential to be an excellent replacement for both the late El Diablo, who had fire-based powers, and Enchantress, who was an archaeologist. This is because in addition to her deadly ice powers, she is a scientist with a genius-level intellect. The character has only appeared in animated films so far, which will make “Suicide Squad 2” her potential live-action movie debut.

Played by Danielle Panabaker in “The Flash,” Killer Frost has become a fan favorite because of the show. It will certainly be exciting for viewers to see the character cross over to the big screen. However, there is also reason to worry. Sometimes when DC Comics characters are featured in movies, their TV counterparts aren't allowed to exist at the same time. 

Deadshot, featured in “Arrow,” was killed off to make way for Will Smith's version in the “Suicide Squad” movie. It is also for the same reason that the Suicide Squad group being teased early on in that show, which even included Harley Quinn, was also shut down. If Killer Frost is going to be subjected to this rule, this will add weight to the unconfirmed rumors that Panabaker might be leaving “The Flash.”

However, also worth noting is that Grant Gustin's Flash and Ezra Miller's Flash are both currently around. Tyler Hoechlin's Superman has also popped in and out of the small screen during Henry Cavill's run in the DC Comics Extended Universe. Since Panabaker is a main character in “The Flash,” she might get a pass on this one. For now, however, nothing is set in stone, so fans will just have to wait and see.

The Flash Killer Frost Suicide Squad 2 Danielle Panabaker speaks onstage at the 'The Flash' Special Video Presentation and Q&A during Comic-Con International 2018. Is her character, Killer Frost, headed to the big screen with 'Suicide Squad 2'? Mike Coppola/Getty Images

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