Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis
Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis AFP

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is Republicans' top pick to be Donald Trump's vice presidential candidate, according to a new poll by The Economist/YouGov.

DeSantis, who was initially considered Trump's top contender for the candidacy but quickly dropped out from the primaries after a sweeping defeat in Iowa, has said he is not interested in the position.

However, over four in ten respondents who identify as Republicans chose him as their preferred pick, while 40% of independents who lean toward the GOP giving the same answer.

The poll showed that Florida Senator Marco Rubio followed suit with 27% of respondents choosing him as the potential VP. The senator, in turn, is vying for the position, but he is reportedly not willing to audition for it.

According to The New York Times, he has taken a low-key approach. Aides and donors view him as one of several options who would pose little risk of creating unwanted distractions for a candidate already facing multiple legal threats.

At the same time, he is also known to have a strong relationship with Susie Wiles, a fellow Floridian and Trump campaign senior adviser who is coordinating the search for a running mate.

But a potential Trump-Rubio ticket may run into some issues, starting from within. Rubio's quietness on the campaign trail has perplexed Trump, who has privately wondered how much the senator actually wants the job, according to two people familiar with the subject.

Similarly, Trump has told advisers that Rubio would have to move out of the state, according to The Times, as the Constitution potentially bars two residents from the same state from sharing a presidential ticket.

Trump and Rubio have had a complex relationship. In 2016, they ran against each other for the Republican ticket, which Trump would eventually win. That race resulted in the two mocking each other's physical looks and intelligence. But as time has passed, the former president reportedly gained respect for the son of Cuban immigrants, as he could appeal to the Latino vote and a more moderate electorate.

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