A Florida grandmother was allegedly stabbed to death inside their home by her teenage grandson.

The teenager, Jaylin Christian (16 years old), is now under police custody after fatally stabbing his grandma, who was 57 years old.

Christian turned himself to the police after repeatedly stabbing Muriel Ladonna Emerson inside their Rockledge, Florida, home on Carolina Avenue just before midnight on Wednesday.

Crime Online claims the teenager stabbed his grandmother inside their house using at least two knives.

The local news source WOFL wrote that Jaylin Christian contacted the police about stabbing his grandma, which caused them to rush to their home.

Christian allegedly packed up his possessions, stole his grandmother's money, and moved toward Cocoa before contacting the police.

When a deputy questioned the teen how many times he had stabbed his grandma, he said, "too many to count[s]," after being located by police.

Police then discovered the teenager at 600 Clearlake Road in Cocoa while sitting on the ground close to a petrol station. He had many cuts on his hand, and his clothes was covered with blood.

The teenager quickly admitted to repeatedly stabbing his grandmother. When police arrived at the Rockledge residence, they discovered the Florida grandmother, who had suffered multiple stab wounds, dead in the kitchen.

Police claimed to have discovered Muriel Ladonna Emerson covered in a blanket in a pool of her blood. Before she passed away, Emerson was an investigator with the Florida Commission on Offender Review.

She had previously spent ten years as a probation officer. The Florida grandmother was about to retire, according to the police.

During a news conference on Thursday, Rockledge Police Chief Joseph LaSata declared that the teenager had committed a horrifying crime in the community and that it was a planned, vicious act.

Jaylin Christian, according to WKMG, called 911 to announce his intention to flee after skipping school earlier in the day. Officers responded, reached out to the Florida grandma, and had her come to pick up her grandson.

Christian told the police that as soon as he got inside his house, he began to have homicidal thoughts and reached for a knife in the kitchen. The teenager then entered his grandmother's office and started punching her.

Police said Muriel Ladonna Emerson tried to run, and the knife broke, prompting the teen to get another knife to continue stabbing her. The boy is being charged with first-degree murder and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

The State Attorney will decide whether Christian will be tried as an adult or a minor, police said, given the seriousness of his offense. The incident left the neighborhood in serious shock.

A neighbor across the street expressed his concern when all the police cars arrived since he knew the victim.

Another neighbor spoke highly of the Florida grandmother and expressed horror at how brutally her own grandson murdered her.

Christian had only recently been residing with his grandma for six to eight months. He allegedly informed police the reason for killing her, but authorities have not made the reason public.

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