Tailgate like a boss this Football season! The National Football League will be here very soon, and we want you to start getting ready before injuries, firings and suspensions start happening.

The Regular- season football kicks off on September 7. if you were thinking about hosting a viewing party, you need something to share with your best buds. Tailgating snack, drinks and decoration make up a large part of the entertainment for the forthcoming event.

Invite your loved ones over and enjoy the time of your life with these 7 items to host the ultimate NFL party:


  •  The Northwest:

Known as ‘the best blankets in the game,’ The Northwest is most notorious for their outstanding, durable, and super comfortable licensed sports blankets. They produce a variety of products in the home, auto, bath, and décor space. They produce a variety of products in the home, auto, bath, and décor space, in categories that include: Sports, Entertainment, Holiday, American Heritage Collection, Harley Davidson and so much more!

For over 30 years, The Northwest has been creating a collection of affordable lifestyle goods, all crafted from the highest quality fabrics sourced from around the world.

  • Sukari Spirits:

Cheers to premium quality, fruit infused, gluten free vodka from Sukari Spirits! It is an exceptionally perfect hybrid brand that invigorates the senses with its erotic super fruit blends. Sukari Spirits was born from the idea that customers should be able to drink ultra-premium vodka infused with some of the healthiest fruits known to man. Change up your pre-game celebration with a vodka that meets your health conscious needs that is gluten free, contains super fruits and has no added sugar, artificial colors, or otherwise unnatural ingredients.

  • Pacific Pickle Works:

All natural and handcrafted pickles, Pacific Pickle Works is just what you need for your next tailgate! Whether you need that pop of flavor for your mixed drink the next tailgate or want the perfect gift for your pickle obsessed partner, invite your taste buds to try different products from Pacific Pickle Works. This 3-pack of savory cocktail mixers will spice up any meal! Try all three of the mouthwatering flavors:

  1. Bloody Mary Elixir: Whip up a spicy drink with all the flavorful and heat-packed goodness you need! Just add tomato juice, your spirit of choice, and some of this elixir and you’re ready to sip.
  2. Michelada Shrub: Transport yourself back to that beach in Mexico where you had your first Michelada with this simple tart and spicy mix. The only ingredients needed are your favorite Mexican beer or other crisp lager ale and a steady hand to pour over ice. Take your game to the next level and rim the glass with a mixture of Tajin® and celery salt!
  3. Pickle Brine: The perfect gift for the lover of Picklebacks and Pickletinis, take that shot of Irish whiskey with confidence as you chase it with this signature Pickle Brine! Also works for sodium and electrolyte replacement and as a cramp inhibitor during a workout.
  • PerfectShaker:

PerfectShaker is an easy and quick way to whip up a shake or even a cocktail concoction for your busy tailgating mornings! With the excitement and buzz going on the morning of a tailgate it can be easy to skip that most important meal of the day! Opt for a healthy shake instead!

PerfectShaker's superhero-themed cups are perfect to shake up your morning routine. They have powerful perks like a stay-open flip cap, screw-on lid and extra wide mouthpiece. Choose your Marvel and DC hero and start your day energized and ready to take on the day like a hero!

  • Green's Your Colour:

Stay hydrated while cheering on your favorite team with Green’s Your Colour. With a seamless one piece finish, Green’s Your Colour bottles are unique and durable for any parking lot party. These bottles are not only dependable, keeping your drink cold for up to 36 hours or hot for up to 8 hours, they are some of the most versatile on the market. They offer optional flip lids, fun-colored twist lids and other cool accessories including a strainer for tea or fruit.

  • BlissLights:

Light up your party with BlissLights! No tailgate is complete without your grill and some flawless scenery. BlissLights are the perfect way to transform any outdoor/indoor​ social gatherings into a magical affair. Amp up your crew all through the remainder of the night with ONE light that creates thousands of sparkles!

  • Flagology:

Show your team spirit with these adorable customizable flags from Flagology! Flagology specializes in personalized photo flags, so you can show off your favorite picture on a high-quality decorative flag. Customers can choose from a wide range of designs or customize their own online. Flagology’s user-friendly website offers an easy-to-use online flag designer where you can be the creative director. Design and decorate your flag by choosing text, clipart, and hundreds of other designs to create a personalized flag for your home.