And the Ellen DeGeneres bashing continues. As rumors continue to float about the richest comedian’s rude behavior behind the scenes, the tabloid New York Post has added fuel to fire by sharing the alleged quotes of a former staffer at the Ellen DeGeneres show. The said staffer claimed that the presenter “isn't always nice” and the stories about her being rather rude are “all true!” 

“Is she always nice? No,” said the former staffer. “It irritates me that people think she’s all sweetness and light and she gets away with it.”

Ellen DeGeneres supposed bad attitude became a talking point after comic Kevin T. Porter sent began a Twitter thread in March, requesting people to message him “the most insane stories [they've] heard” about the 62-year-old comedienne so as to raise money for the Los Angeles Food Bank. 

And within a short span of time, people poured in their written accounts of their interactions with Ellen, whom Kevin labeled as “notoriously one of the meanest people alive.” The thread opened a can of worms as out came stories of Ellen’s alleged rude behavior dating at far as 2014.

But the latest incident of Ellen being called out for her insensitivity was when joked on her daytime chat show being restricted to home during the coronavirus quarantine was like being held in jail. Viewers instantly slammed her comments, pointing out that she hosts her show from a $27 million Balinese-style mansion near Santa Barbara, California, with windows opening onto a large plant-filled yard. 

“Ellen you quarantining in your mansion in designer sweats is nothing like a prison,” one Twitter user posted. While another wrote: “What a great look for Ellen as thousands of people sit in actual jail cells just hoping for the best without soap and basic protections.” 

She has also been accused of cutting her talk show’s core crew members’ pay down by 60 percent in favor of hiring freelancers, while the show still goes on, albeit virtually. 

The criticism’s against Ellen spiked further when a former security guard shared with Fox News how “demeaning” she is

Tom Majercak, Ellen and her family’s bodyguard during the 2014 Academy Awards, shared with Fox News that the comedian was very “cold” and treats people outside of her circle in a “demeaning” manner. 

“Ellen pretty much just gave me a side glance out of her eye and didn’t even say ‘hello,’ or ‘thank you for protecting my mother, my wife and me,'” Tom Majercak said. “It was very cold and it was very sly and it was actually kind of demeaning in the way that she treats people other than those who are in her circle.”

The Ellen DeGeneres Show Cover photo of "Ellen DeGeneres Show." The Ellen DeGeneres Show/Facebook