Winner of Univision Network’s popular reality beauty competition “Nuestra Belleza Latina” 2015, and co-host of “Despierta America” morning show, Francisca Lachapel,  is the new brand ambassador of leading Latina-focused skincare brand Conffianz.

Lachapel will be attached to the brand’s complete product portfolio, including the Clear & Confident line, currently available online and in select mass retailers, as well as two new lines to be released later this year. In her capacity as the official celebrity ambassador, Francisca will be an influencer in the Latina community to help spread the brand’s message of promoting female empowerment and self-confidence by helping women obtain clear and even-toned skin that allows their inner beauty to shine through. 

In an exclusive interview for Latin Times, the Dominican beauty shared how excited she is for this step in her career. "Being a beauty ambassador is a big responsibility," says Lachapel. "My campaign with this beauty brand is not just superficial. We are working in the same way with a scholarship program to empower women."

Conffianz believes that Latinas are worth investing in. The brand’s name itself is derived from the Spanish words "confianza" and "confidente," echoing their goal of giving women the confidence they need to face the world every day. They're honoring this mission of empowering women by launching the "Inexplicablemente Bella" (Unexplainably Beautiful) Scholarship.

As a Latina, Francisca also inherited beauty tricks with very characteristic natural ingredients. She says that in addition to using the moisturizing benefits of oats, her mother always advised her to make a habit of removing her make-up every night. "Every time my mom came home, she always took her makeup off. I always remember when she used to say: 'To let my face breathe.'"

Francisca, born in Azua, Dominican Republic, spends her days in front of HD cameras that pick up and transmit every flaw. For the same reason, she must be extra attentive in caring for her skin, and Conffianz’s products help ensure that her skin is flawless, allowing her inner beauty to radiate through. 

Lachapel also comments that in addition to this project, very soon she will be releasing her own fragrance that bears the name "Be Authentic" and would like to venture into the hair industry. "I would love to create something that can help girls with their hair," she says. "I would love to explore the business world and always carry a good message of empowerment for women."

Francisca finally sends a message to all Latinos in the United States. "Don't ever give up! No matter how dark the road is, there is always a light at the end, I tell you this not by cliche, but by experience," she says. "Whenever you are in a moment where you don't see an exit, remember it is because the blessing that comes will be greater. Don't lose faith because everything shall pass."

Francisca will be involved in every aspect of the marketing campaign for the current and soon-to-be-released products. Her image will be on packaging at retail, anchor the brand’s infomercial, and will also play a vital role in building community and engagement among Latinas on behalf of Conffianz through media, consumer and social activations that will begin immediately with the call-to-action #soycomofran campaign on social media. 

This is the first of many initiatives that the partnership we will executing over the next year to support Conffianz’s mission to help Latinas realize their full potential.