French Montana Pulled Over: Rapper Tells Cops 'Black Lives Matter' During Traffic Stop [VIDEO]

French Montana found himself embroiled in some drama with several police officers early Wednesday morning. The rapper had just finished a night out at Aces, a strip club in Queens, New York, and were driving away, when he and some friends got stopped and consequently found themselves in an unpleasant situation with the men in blue. 

Visibly perturbed by the traffic stop, French expressed his annoyance to three of the cops surrounding his vehicle. 

“Nah look, I get pulled over too. Black Lives Matter,” he said during one of his Instagram videos. “Hey brother, I ain’t do nothing,” he told one of the cops.

Again, Montana repeated the phrase “Black Lives Matter” to the cops. He took the traffic stop lightheartedly, but you can see that he was slightly irritated, especially with the recent events regarding cops and their unjustifiable actions. Afterwards, he asked everyone else who was with him in the car to tell him if there was "sh*t I need to know about."

“F*CK THE POLICE only a few good ones left man,” he punctuated on his IG video. Watch the videos to see how things went down. 


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