After a controversial year for the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, president Cheryl Boone Isaacs promised to expand the group’s diversity earlier this year, and is appointing new members in order to do so. Boone named three new governors to its 51-member board: Asian-American animator Jennifer Yuh Nelson, director and screenwriter Gregory Nava, who is of Mexican and Basque heritage and African-American director Reginald Hudlin. In addition, a diverse group of Academy members were appointed to different committees.

Mexican actor Gael García Bernal was appointed to the awards and events committee, African-American producer Effie Brown to the museum committee and cinematographer Amy Vincent to the preservation and history committee. Boone Isaacs told the Associated Press in a phone interview, that she appreciates the “new-ness” in all of this and the fact that those who are coming in, are bringing different perspectives. “We set out, even a few years ago, of having more inclusion and certainly have stepped it up. We just want to keep this process going, and so were really happy that were able to announce these additions,” Boones added.

With the announcement also came an apology for the Asian skit that took place at the Academy Awards this year, from which director Ang Lee, and actors Sandra Oh and George Takei took offense. “I can understand the feelings and we are setting up a meeting to discuss, because as you well know, no one sets out to be offensive, and I'm very sorry that has happened,” Boone Isaacs told the Associated Press.