Last night's episode of "Game of Thrones" left everyone in shock. If watching Jon and Ygritte climb the 700 foot wall of solid ice didn't leave you breathless, you had to gasp when seeing Ros hanging dead and bleeding from the bed of Lord Protector of the Realm, King Joffrey.

Episode 6, "The Climb" was one of the best and most suspenseful episodes of season 3. To start it off, let's first discuss Westeros's two political powerhouse families. The Lannisters and the Tyrells. Tywin Lannister met with Lady Olenna Tyrell, and the two clashed over marriage proposals. Tywin proposed a marriage between Cersei and Loras Tyrell. Living up to her name the Queen of Thorns states that Cersei is too old to marry the heir of Highgarden and that she will soon be infertile. In an attempt to sway Olenna's diecision Tywin japes about Loras's homosexuality to which Olenna counters that her grandson is "a sword swallower through and through." Olenna finally concedes to the match between Cersei and Loras when Lord Tywin threatens to make Loras a member of the Kingsguard which would effectively leave Highgarden without a male heir. "It's a rare enough thing - a man who lives up to his reputation" she said in an admission of defeat. With Loras now marrying Cersei, this means poor Sansa Stark will be left to marry Tyrion.

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More wedding talk occurs and more unhappy betrothals too. Robb Stark meets with two sons of Lord Walder Frey and makes positive progress towards a renewed alliance which would ensure Robb could capture Casterly Rock and hope to beat the Lannisters. Robb meets the terms of alliance given by Walder Frey, Robb will give Harrenhal to Walder Frey once the War of Five Kings is over, a formal apology from King of the North, and Edmure Tully will have to marry Roslyn Frey. After some whining and some threats from the Blackfish, Edmure finally agrees. Robb seems genuinely grateful thanking his uncle for paying for his own sins.

Arya is in the Riverlands attempting to get to Riverrun to be with her mother and brother; however another obstacle gets in her way. As Arya practices her archery with the Brotherhood without Banners, Melisandre approaches and after an odd meeting with Lord Beric and Thoros of Myr, the red priestess takes Gendry away. Gendry is Robert Baratheon's bastard, meaning that he has kings blood, Melisandre discovered Gendry by gazing in her flames. The only one who attempts to intervene is Arya, and as the brave Stark approaches, Melisandre grasps her faces and prophesizes, "I see a darkness in you." "And in that darkness, eyes staring back at me. Brown eyes. Blue eyes. Green eyes. Eyes you'll shut forever."

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Other captives, Brienne and Jamie seem to finally be on the same team. The two are at a dinner with Roose Bolton; the scene is almost comical with Jamie unable to cut his dinner paired with Brienne's pink gown. Lord Bolton reveals that Jamie will be allowed to return to King's Landing; however Brienne will stay behind with Bolton and be charged with treason. Jamie insists that Brienne must accompany him, but with a swift threat from Bolton, the now one handed Kingslayer quiets.

 Even though Brienne's situation has gone from bad to worse, it is still is worse to be Theon. Theon's torture is so awful, that I finally sympathize for him. His mysterious captor is one sick individual, playing a guessing game with Theon in which he flayed his pinky until the pain was so overwhelming that poor Theon begged for his finger to be cut off. During this sadistic game, Theon guessed that his captor was a Karstark, originally his captor said this was true but later revealed he is a liar.

As for Jon Snow and Ygritte, they survived! Before making "The Climb" Ygritte rvealed to Jon that she knows he didn't forget his vows until they had sex together. But now, she says they must not betray each other and Jon agrees. After a huge portion of the 700 foot ice wall fell, taking with it two other teams of climbing Wildlings, Jon and Ygritte hung in peril. Orell decided they must be cut loose or they would bring down Tormund and himself as well. Only a moment before Orell cuts them loose, Jon grasps the side of the Wall and saves himself and Ygritte from falling to their death. After a sweet and tender embrace, the couple continues the daring climb and finally makes it atop the Wall.

Last but not least, Littlefinger is scary. The audience realized that Lord Baelish was cruel but now we really know. During the revealing final scene of episode 6, "The Climb" Lord Baelish's monologue chills you to the core. Baelish reveals to Varys that he gave Ros to man for his new experiments, we then see that this "fresh experience" was Joffrey's desire for live target practice with his cross bow.

"Chaos isn't a pit. Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail, and never get the chance to try again; the fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb, and they refuse. They cling to the realm, or the gods, or love. Illusions. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is."


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