“Game of Thrones” season 8 is just around the corner and HBO is already building up the hype around the highly anticipated series. On Monday, the giant network released a new footage for the new season, opening with a group of ravens flying around the top of the Wall.

While the first few seconds of the clip don’t show any interesting clues about season 8, the middle part of the clip shows the arrival of Dany’s lethal army of Eunuchs at Winterfell. The unsullied army is accompanied by Dany’s gigantic dragon, Drogon, who is also marching up North.

The new footage shows Arya Stark looking pretty flabbergasted as she stares at the dragons for the first time. Avid fans of the series know that for the last few seasons of the series, Arya has been off in Braavos, missing all the recent dragon activity in Winterfell.

The last few moments of season 7 revealed that the upcoming season will see Arya back in Winterfell to reunite with her cousin/brother Jon Snow, which means she will also come face-to-face with dragons for the first time in season 8. It is interesting to see that in the footage, everyone in the background seems to be running for their lives after seeing the dragons, while Arya seems unruffled and simply amazed by what she sees.

Arya’s moment with the dragons in the new footage connects season 8 all the way back to the sophomore season of the series, where Arya was talking with Tywin Lannister and telling her of her high regard for the ancient female Targaryen dragon riders.

It remains to be seen how Arya’s fascination for dragons will play out in season 8, but her reaction in the footage may foreshadow her core motives as a character—that she will not want to live the life expected of Westerosi noble women, but will want to fight alongside any man.

The new “Game of Thrones” season 8 video came in a larger video fill of clips from HBO’s upcoming shows, including “Big Little Lies” season 2, “Barry” season 2 and “Watchmen.”

“Game of Thrones” season 8 arrives on April 14 in HBO.