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Long Island Representative George Santos, who almost two months ago confessed that he was guilty of "embellishing" his resume, has now admitted being a "terrible liar."

The Republican, 34, is currently under investigation by local, state and federal lawmakers regarding suspected campaign finance violations, reported New York Post.

Santos also said that he thought he'd be able to get away with his lies because he "got away with it" during his failed House campaign in 2020.

During an interview with "Talk TV" host Piers Morgan, he also claimed he made up key facts about his background to get favors from local Grand Old Party leaders.

He said that it wasn't about tricking people, but about "getting accepted by the party here locally."

He made the remarks after Morgan ticked off a series of his falsehoods. The host said that any hope of "redemption" has "got to start from (you saying) 'I've been a terrible liar.'"

He asked Santos if he would be prepared to say that, and the politician said " sure." He added that he had been "a terrible liar on those subjects, and what I tried to convey to the American people is, I made mistakes."

When Santos was asked why he thought "no one would find out," he said that he ran in 2020 for the same seat in Congress and "got away with it then."

During the interview, Santos was pressed over his campaign claim that his mother died of cancer in 2016. He had said that her death resulted from being at the World Trade Center when the Twin Towers were destroyed during the terror attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

Morgan pointed out that there was a "full record" of everyone who was present on the day of the attack and that Fatima Devolder, Santos' mother, wasn't listed.

Santos didn't want to debate his mother's life. He said that it's quite insensitive for everybody to "want to rehash my mother's legacy."

Later he said that he was a child when "these things were being done, so I have no clue and no recollection."

Santos also said that one of his "biggest regrets in life" was lying about getting a college education, according to BBC.

When asked why he had chosen to do so, he said that "expectation on society, the pressure," so he couldn't afford it.

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