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Khalid Kamau, a Georgia mayor, was arrested on Saturday for breaking into a lake house that he claimed was his dream home.

The house owner, who has not been publicly identified, called police around 6. 52 a.m. about a trespasser at his Cascade Palmetto Highway home. After that the South Fulton mayor was arrested, reported New York Post.

The owner said that when he was on the phone with cops, the mayor yelled at him many times, "Do you know who the f*** I am?" He said that he was the mayor and that he will wait for his "police to get here and see what happens then," as per WSB-TV.

Kamau later praised the South Fulton Police Department for its quick intervention.

He told reporters as he later left the jail that he wanted to thank the South Fulton police and the "staff of officers for their courteous and professional service throughout the day."

Kamau told cops that he was heading to a dog park when he stopped by the lake house. He claimed it was his dream home and wanted to purchase it one day.

He told the police that he knew he was trespassing on the property.

The homeowner said that he saw Kamau walk up his driveway and approach the lake house. Then he rushed to get dressed and called the cops from inside his vehicle.

Then the owner approached the mayor and held him at gunpoint until police arrived. He warned the mayor to stay put.

According to Kamau, the homeowner said, "No, motherf***er, you stay right there."

Kamau claimed that he apologized to the owner and told him who he was. When the owner told him to wait for the police, Kamau said, "Are you going to shoot me while I'm walking away?"

NBC News reported that Kamau was charged with first-degree burglary as well as criminal trespassing. He was released from jail the same day but had to pay $11,000 in surety bonds.

The mayor was also reportedly told to undergo a mental health evaluation.

The investigation is ongoing, said officials, who did not provide further details related to the case.

Officials said in a statement that the city of South Fulton is "committed to upholding the law and ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their position, are subject to the same fair and just treatment."

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