Fans of Geraldine Bazán and Gabriel Soto had a shimmer of hope that the couple would not be splitting up after all and returning to give their marriage another shot. It all happened when Soto shared an image of his "Caer En Tentación" character and thanking fans for supporting him and voting for him at Premios TVyNovelas 2018. Bazán replied to the post on Instagram writing "best of luck" in the comments. That's what it took to have everyone speculate if maybe there's a possibility thy can work out their issues and reunite their family.

However, Soto was in an interview earlier and shed away any happy ending as he thinks the relationship is completely tarnished. "There are so many things that have gone on," he said during an interview with Flor Rubio. "It's a relationship that's broke and for the well-being of our daughters, I think that divorce is the best decision. Nobody knows what exactly happen, but us, because people have talked, they have judged and have giving their opinion, but nobody knows really but the people involved."

The topic arose as last week it was proven that the biological father of  Marjorie de Sousa's son, Matías, is Julián Gil, not Soto as it was speculated. Following the DNA results the telenovela star took to Instagram to express his reaction. "To all the people and press that defamed me, speculated and insulted me with this serious topic without thinking of the moral damage to my family, daughthers and my marriage, there's the truth," he wrote on the social network with a screen capture of Gil's tweet. "What I always defended and for what I always said. There is your proof. May this stay as a reflection that before judging and making something up we need to know the truth."

Following news of their split, Geraldine Bazán shared in an emotional YouTube video her feelings going through the difficult process of divorce. "I want to share with all of you this complicated situation in my life," she said. "I simply want to thank everyone who has been concerned, all the kindness, thank my mother, my brother, my whole family, all those friends that have been close, all my followers, and all the press that have asked how I've been. Really grateful for your concern and your well wishes.

In relation to her split from the telenovela heartthrob she said: "How do I feel? Well I think as anyone person, man or woman, that is going through a process like this, a divorce process is difficult in many aspects. Of course it's complicated, it's hard, it's sad, especially when you bet everything for a family, for a relationship and you do everything for love and in the end, things don't work out. I am not the only woman that has gone or will go through this in the world or in Mexico."

Geraldine Bazán started tearing up and said: "These tears are of happiness but they are also tears of strength. I want to share that it's a difficult time, but I am strong, I am brave and I know I will get through, that it will be a difficult process and I will come out with victory and more strength than before because that's how I am. Many women have lived through this situation and life goes on, life continues and more experiences will come."