Shakira, Piqué and their kids Milán and Sasha arrived to Barcelona- El Prat airport ready to board their flight to Colombia, when they noticed they were being followed by a reporter. The Barça soccer star had enough of it and took matters into his own hands, turning to the paparazzi and telling her to stop taking photos of them.

Shakira’s representative was the first one to obstruct the reporter by covering the family with an umbrella and later covering the camera lens with a handkerchief. Piqué’s anger was triggered and he confronted the reporter trying to get the camera, twisting her wrist and asking her to stop taking photos.

During the incident, Shakira remained oblivious to her husband's mood, ignoring the unpleasant situation, probably because she wanted to stay calm and quiet in front of her kids and not make a scene too. 

According to Europa Press reports, the Piqué-Mebarak family plans to spend their Christmas Holidays in Colombia, but they had a connecting flight in Miami first.

In the end, the whole family entered the VIP lounge at the airport to wait for their flight. Before getting lost behind the door, Piqué waved the journalist with irony and bad forms.

This is not the first time this year we see Gerard and Shakira running away from the press. Check on this video how this two avoid the cameras.