Flaunting a '20s flapper-inspired emerald dress, Victoria Justice looked divine at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards. The 22-year-old actress of Puerto Rican descent looked ravishing at the star-studded event, but it was her chocolate brown locks that had everyone talking. The former Nickelodeon star, who presented at the Teen Choice Awards, was styled by Scunci Hair Stylist, Laura Polko, who wanted to perfectly pair Victoria's hair to complement her look, creating an effortless, yet sculptured style.

Check out how you can flaunt Victoria's perfect hairdo with five easy steps!

Step 1: Starting with clean, damp, 80% dried hair - Laura sprayed in Sun Bum Beach Formula Sea Spray to enhance and create natural texture.

Step 2: Laura then blow-dried hair until almost 100% using her fingers and not a brush. Polko recommends this method over a brush to keep the natural texture of the hair, versus destructing them with a brush or comb.

Step 3: Polko then worked with Victoria's natural off-center part before officially styling.

Step 4: Next, Polko used a flat iron to put a natural "bend" in Victoria's hair, working with each existing wave and curl to smooth, define and enhance.

Step 5: Finally, Polko made finishing touches before setting with Oribe Dry Texturing Spray.