Gina Rodriguez is one of our favorite actress in entertainment. As the star of "Jane The Virgin" she has entered our homes week after week playing the lovable Jane Gloriana Villanueva. The actress was at The CW Upfronts this week where it was announced that her series would return this fall for another season. As she was killing time she bursted out into a song, as anyone would, right? Rodriguez busted out her singing chops to the tune of "We'll Never Have Problems Again," and her voice was flawless, but wait...

It turns out that Gina was not singing at all and it was Rachel Bloom, star of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend," that had that amazing voice. Rodriguez was only lipsyncing to the tune as Bloom was off camera and came into frame to bust the "Jane" star of her trickery. It was all obviously a joke and we initially fell for it and busted out laughing with the reaction Gina has when she was "caught." Check out the hilarious video down below and tell us what you think!

Back in January when The CW network announced that the series based on the "Juana La Virgen" telenovela was returning for a smashing 4th season, Gina Rodriguez wrote: "Today is a great day, I can and I will. Third globe nom and a 4th season renewal. God is good. Our supporters got us here. I am grateful."

Jaime Camil, who plays Jane's father in the series, also weighed in saying: "Thank you to all the fans for their unlimited love and thank you #MarkPedowitz for believing in us and for giving us the blessing of having a wonderful job that touches and inspires people."

In Fall 2017, "Jane The Virgin" will air on Friday nights paired up with "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend." The move is bold as the night of the week is hard for shows to have an audiences, but executives are confident that it will perform well. "Jane" brought prestige to the network when star Gina Rodriguez took home a Golden Globe for her work, the first major award for The CW.