Girlfriend Of Late Renato López, Alexandra Ivanisevic, Dating His Best Friend Santiago Alcocer

Alexandra Ivanisevic
One year after the tragic death of Renato López, his ex-girlfriend Alexandra Ivanisevic confirms she is having a committed relationship with Santiago Alcocer, López best friend. Photo: Mex Alex

With the intention of avoiding malicious comments as a result of her decision, Swedish Alexandra Ivanisevic revealed that a year after the murder of her then-boyfriend, actor and TV host Renato López, she has found love again and in the least expected person. In a post made on her blog "Mex Alex: the Swedish in Mexico," Ivanisevic admitted having a loving relationship with who was the best friend of the deceased artist.

"I didn't think I could be 'right' after what happened with Renato ... Another thing I thought when they killed him, was that I would never fall in love with someone again, but I was also wrong," Alexandra wrote on her blog.

López was murdered in Mexico along with his manager when they allegedly went to a casting. Renato received 13 bullet impacts. The 31-year-old model also added that she spent a lot of time being "the widow" of Renato López. "When I fell in love with Santiago, it was not a perfect moment, it was difficult for both of us, at first we simply understood what was happening, and then had the courage to accept it and continue," she explained.

"Today it’s clear to me that no one chooses who they fall in love with, when it happens it happens and the only thing you can choose is to things right, and I think we are. I feel like we’re creating an amazing relationship," she added.

"I’m crazy about him, but not like a teenager falling in love for the first time. This is different. He gives me peace and our communication is out of this world, it’s so real and completely honest. I know it sounds very cliché, but when I’m with him I feel like I don’t need anything or anyone else. He completes me."

Santiago Alcocer is a lawyer in Mexico, and in the Instagram of the murdered Renato López, it is possible to find photos and videos of both sharing moments of happiness.

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