Brazilian Journalist, Gleydson Carvalho
Gleydson Carvalho a popular journalist in Brazil, passes away after being shot multiple time in his radio booth. Facebook

Gleydson Carvalho, a journalist in Brazil, dies after being shot multiple times while working in his radio booth. The incident happened Thursday in the city of Camocim located in Ceará, moments before the radio personality began working on his show. Carvalho passed away in the afternoon after being shot five times ---three times on the head and twice on the chest.

"They came to the station's facility and said that they had to make an announcement," said Police Chief Herbert Silva about the suspect. "Once they opened the door, they announced it was an assault and asked who was in the audio room. Immediately after, the subject entered [the radio booth] and shot Gleydson three times on the head and twice on the chest." The subject fled the scene with an accomplice on a motorcycle, reports CNN Mexico.

The sound operator, who was also in the radio booth with the victim, was not hurt during the crime.

Authorities have already identified the murderer and are searching for him or her in a semi-deserted area near Camocim. "We're going to find them soon because they don't have water, money, food and they are in a region with a lot of sun, rocks...almost a desert," Silva said.

The crime is under investigation, but authorities believe the journalist was killed for political reason. Carvalho was known for having strong political views and opinions. According to various news outlets in Brazil, the journalist was threatened many times for his work, but never took them into consideration.

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