Latinos are everywhere. The "Spanish Language," the amazing talent  and our spark has reigned at the most known international ceremonies, leaving us hilarious recorded moments we will remember forever and the Golden Globe Awards have some of the best.

From great triumphs to funny moments, names like Sofía Vergara, Gina Rodriguez, America Ferrera or Gael García Bernal, shine with their own light making us feel really proud of their representation in front of the world. 

We can't wait to watch the Golden Globes this Sunday January 8, from Beverly Hills and enjoy everything our Latinos will bring to the show. But for now, let's enjoy these 10 moments from our celebrities at the famous TV and Film award show.  

1- Antonio Bandera's Long Poem Dictation In Golden Globes 2012

2- Sofía Vergara Spanish Speech In 2012

3- America Ferrera and Eva Longoria Clear Out Confusion Surrounding Their Names

4- Gina Rodriguez Gives Emotional Speech in 2015

5- Jeremy Renner Can't Stop Staring At Jennifer Lopez's "Globes" In 2015

6- Alejandro González Iñárritu Wins Best Director At The 2016 Golden Globes

7- Salma Hayek Handled Technical Difficulties At The Golden Globes

8- Alfonso Cuaron's Awkward Golden Globes Speech

9- Gael García Bernal’s Excitement After Winning At Golden Globes 2016 

10- Jennifer Lopez Prompter Went Really Fast