Although there is a certain level of uncertainty in the air on what films or series may be coming out, it appears that the “Green Lantern” television series will still push through.

This is thanks to a shared screenshot of the show’s information that was submitted to the Entertainment Identifier Registry or EIDR. In a tweet, the release date from the “Associated Org” or Warner Bros. for the project listed the release date for 2024.

Although this posting has yet to be confirmed, it appears to be legitimate. One thing that could back this up is that the project shares common identifiers for other entries by Warner Bros. such as “Doom Patrol.”

And while that could explain why some may want to heave a sigh of relief, it would be best to still consider that this is no guarantee that a “Green Lantern” series is sure of coming out.

A good example is the now-canceled “Batgirl.” The show was also submitted to EIDR by Warner Bros. with the show supposedly anticipated as coming out in 2022. But as most know by now, all that has been spurned with the show getting canceled earlier this month.

Warner Bros. has been canceling some shows due to budget issues. Aside from “Batgirl,” also canceled was the “Wonder Twins” movie. This came just weeks after it was announced that KJ Apa of Riverdale and Isabel May of “1883” were set to star in the now-axed movie.

Also, it would be wise to note that there is limited information on “Green Lantern.” So far, only the names of Finn Wittrock (Guy Gardner) and Jeremy Irvine (Alan Scott) have been revealed as cast members, Backstage reported.

As far as the script for “Green Lantern,” the first season lines are reportedly almost complete according to Marc Guggenheim confirming in June that he was already working on a season finale.

Kyle Rayner - Green Lantern
Son to Mexican-American father Aaron and Irish mother Maura Rayner, Kylr is the latest Green Lantern. Before getting the last Green Lantern Power Ring Kyle Rayner was a struggling but gifted freelance graphic artist. He lived and worked in Los Angeles initially. His abilities include: As Green Lantern: Energy-based constructs, flight, various other abilities Rayner/Screenshot

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